Singapore director brings vital procurement & logistics leadership acquired as Manager Director of ISS Equipment Pte Ltd and member of the founding family of Singapore based shipping, also engineering and merchant trading enterprises. Mr Teo known to Founders since 1980’s joined ShearLift from outset and a most welcome addition bringing to fore vast experience in traditions of Asian business practices determined

from the very foundation of Singapore merchant marine history. Michael Teo linkages container fabrication & materials sourcing centred upon PRC also Japan & Korea as the dominant nations for container industry from mid 1970’s. Depiction below [left of picture] at CSIRO Clayton – Melbourne Labs for ATSM pressure cast metal foams 2014 early years of 3-D & 4-D printing techniques hosted by Dr Dayalan Gunasegaram [centre of picture] Mr. Ferris [far right] and as progressed to ShearLift opportunities for 3-D printed duplex class stainless steel interlocking devices. Mr. Michael having recently invested in K-Tig technology for application at Singapore & consequently Surabaya for ShearLift MonoTech frame systems & further reinforcing ShearLift technology for theatre.