AboutShearlift Management Australia Pty. Ltd.

ShearLift will provide quality residential, commercial and industrial building solutions that are innovative in nature and greatly minimize environmental impact consistent with our motto of “Greener than Green” meaning Net Zero achieved before you may anticipate

ShearLift shall continuously refine its products, incorporating new technologies to enhance living standards for building occupants, adapting building designs in response to emerging markets and cultures with the aim of building “ShearLift” as a globally recognised and respected brand. Change always underwritten because nature of productivity implicit of design modus ShearLift Building Systems

Against both conventional and other modular buildings, ShearLift’s innovative “Greener than Green” approach to building designs enable it to capture opportunities on the back of the clear market preference for environment responsive sustainable building solutions that command a price premium

ShearLift policies to develop positions of affordability without compromise very much to heart offer to market. Innovations do not stop at the building design phase nor estate planning but to continue on to generate commercial viability for vast majority of market. ShearLift for its’ AAA Communities model inclusive of strategies embedded of sister entity Aid2nature where in outcome nature becomes a force for all to enjoy from within & distinct from the outside looking in.

Our Product Pre-engineered Sub-assembly Matrix.

ShearLift buildings are made of high strength lightweight MonoTech stainless steel frames with reinforced functional and insulated cladding solutions named “Climate Shield”.

ShearLift buildings are engineered for energy efficiency at 50% & less energy quotient for equivalent emissions reduction when compared with conventional buildings. ShearLift deploys Aid2nature Autonomous energy & water regeneration technologies known as Environment Engineered Utilities (EEU) for benefit of customers thereby further reducing emissions & those features devoid of cost as would be otherwise anticipated of conventional architecture.

ShearLift buildings tested in compliance with international building codes to include Australian D2 cyclone ratings also for New Zealand 9.0 earthquake ratings. Other standards of note to include for energy efficiency of Climate Shield cladding systems that deploy double & triple glazing solutions of affiliate Oknalux, also Atmospheric Conditioning for optimum air quality & thermals & with that enhanced sound, fire ratings & otherwise mould rejection achieved from materials of choice.


Our Team

David. S. Shearer


Graham J. Ferris.


Michael Teo


Matt McCrum