David. S. Shearer


Founding Principal of the ShearLift group. Background is in supply chain, Green Lane 3 project development, offshore oil & gas also transportation solutions. David developed ShearLift’s innovative IP also corporate partner relationships, including the brand theme, scientific/classification community relationships plus international distribution networks. Projects for consideration no matter the scale prove no barrier to building opportunity & with that how collaboration multinational enterprise demonstrates ShearLift’s ability to carry out its aims & objectives.

Graham J. Ferris.


Foundation principal Australian leadership Graham brings together ShearLift’s many corporate relationships building & developing project teams as define how it is ShearLift brings its products to market. ShearLift’s project development model’s bare testament to Graham’s focus towards the essential nature of building those relationships across the many national boundaries as exist & where in particular Mr Graham’s vast experience in Indonesia since 2010 paramount to achieving successful collaborations.

Michael Teo


Singapore director brings vital procurement & logistics leadership acquired as Manager Director of ISS Equipment Pte Ltd and member of the founding family of Singapore based shipping, also engineering and merchant trading enterprises. Mr Teo known to Founders since 1980’s joined ShearLift from outset and a most welcome addition bringing to fore vast experience in traditions of Asian business practices determined

from the very foundation of Singapore merchant marine history. Michael Teo linkages container fabrication & materials sourcing centred upon PRC also Japan & Korea as the dominant nations for container industry from mid 1970’s. Depiction below [left of picture] at CSIRO Clayton – Melbourne Labs for ATSM pressure cast metal foams 2014 early years of 3-D & 4-D printing techniques hosted by Dr Dayalan Gunasegaram [centre of picture] Mr. Ferris [far right] and as progressed to ShearLift opportunities for 3-D printed duplex class stainless steel interlocking devices. Mr. Michael having recently invested in K-Tig technology for application at Singapore & consequently Surabaya for ShearLift MonoTech frame systems & further reinforcing ShearLift technology for theatre.

Matt McCrum


Strategic Partnership Aid2nature PL bringing Net Zero to market

Foundation partnership for ShearLift having determined sister enterprise Aid2nature Autonomous EEU solutions for regenerative energy, water & waste systems for projects in which Matt vastly experienced for collaborations leading hospitals of Melbourne & to include operating theatre & medical laboratories pathogen free water regeneration solutions. Matt known to ShearLift Founding Principal since early 2000’s otherwise engaged for projects all classes IMO tank containers plus Cryogenic T-75 tanks now in development for LNG & Hydrogen alongside revolutions CDB stainless steel ISO container system for soft commodity trading. Stainless Steel container systems inclusive MonoTech frame logic for ShearLift Buildings deploy through multinational collaboration with Green Bonds accessed to underwrite global growth. Matt below picture [front right] at Aid2nature associate Oprins BNV Tissue Culture Labs Yogyakarta.

Alicja Matejko

Leading ShearLift deployment of Net Zero pre-2030

Greatly respected member ShearLift Team having built an Award Winning Australian leading double & triple glazed glass-in-frame enterprise inclusive doors, atriums upon a multiple theme & with reliability to inspire confidence in customers. Perfectly attuned with ShearLift sister enterprise EEU systems for autonomous energy where efficiencies of structures underwriting of capacity to invest in the best. ShearLift Buildings achieve 40% energy quotient from outset to mean investment in sister entity Aid2nature EEU
autonomous energy very much enabled & by which means Net Zero come to pass within earliest years of habitation, perhaps within 24months as systems embed for theatre of choice & climate

variables taken into consideration. Irrespective ShearLift Buildings or their AAA Communities for all accounts and purposes achieve Net Zero well before 2030.